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Vetmedin (Pimobendan)

Vetmedin (pimobendan) is a cardiac medication prescribed to dogs and used off-label for cats. It is one of the most useful and well-tested drugs for veterinary cardiac patients and has a good safety record. Due to high distribution demand, it has been difficult to find at many pharmacies, including our own. Below are some options to get pimobendan.

1. Online Pet Pharmacies

There are many online pet pharmacies that carry Vetmedin, and below are the pharmacies we are most familiar with:

2. Ordering from Cardiology Northwest or your primary care veterinarian

We have varying stock of Vetmedin and are limited to our allocations from the manufacturer. Your primary care veterinarian may also have some in stock. Due to the backorder, the manufacturer has started importing Vetmedin from Canadian and European sources, so your medication may look different than normal.  For example, you may be expecting a tablet form and receive the medication in chew or capsule form. If you do encounter this, we want you to know that your prescription is still safe to administer to your pet!

For more information, see the attached handouts from the manufacturer.
Vetmedin Capsules | Vetmedin Chews

3. Compounding

If you are unable to find Vetmedin online or locally, we can send a prescription to a compounding pharmacy such as Northwest Compounders or Columbia Compounding. They can make pimobendan in a capsule or flavored liquid.