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Collaboration: Partners in Heart Health

“I’m Loving It”, “Just Do It”, “Have It Your Way”… The world is full of buzzwords. But when you get down to it, what do they really mean? When Cardiology Northwest joined the Animal Care Group of Lake Oswego in 2014 we were presented with the unique opportunity to rethink everything. As a team, we … Read moreCollaboration: Partners in Heart Health

Quality of Life Assessment: Is it “the right time?”

Throughout our pets’ lifetimes we give them everything– our time, energy, attention, and sometimes even the food off our plates! Most importantly we give them all the love in our hearts. The final gift we are able to give our furry family members is peace. The decision to euthanize is one of the most difficult … Read moreQuality of Life Assessment: Is it “the right time?”

5 Myths About Heart Disease in Animals

Whether we learned it through health class, the media, or experiences in our own lives we generally have a good idea of what keeps our hearts healthy! We know that lifestyle choices like not smoking, eating a well-balanced diet, regular exercise, and avoiding stress greatly reduce our chances of acquiring heart disease. When we hear … Read more5 Myths About Heart Disease in Animals

Diagnostic Toolbox: Echocardiogram

How often have you looked at your dog or cat and thought “If only I knew what was going on inside your head?” This inability to communicate is especially frustrating when our furry family members aren’t feeling well. They can’t tell us when they’re feeling under the weather. They count on us and regular check-ups … Read moreDiagnostic Toolbox: Echocardiogram

Diagnostic Toolbox: Cardiopet proBNP

Veterinary cardiologists like Dr. Wood rely on an array of diagnostic tests to identify and manage pets’ cardiac disease. Through regular ultrasounds of the heart, chest x-rays, and lab work, a cardiac specialist can monitor your pet’s cardiac status and make adjustments to the treatment plan as necessary. What if your pet has never showed … Read moreDiagnostic Toolbox: Cardiopet proBNP