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Resting Respiratory Rate (RRR) (download log here)

Count each breath for 30 seconds and multiply the value by two (2) to acquire the breaths per minute (BPM). This is very important to monitor as an increase in resting respiratory rate may be an early warning sign of impending problems. Normal respiratory rate when asleep should be less than 30 breaths per minute (BPM). If there is a progressive increase, or anytime the respiratory rate exceeds 30 breaths/minute and is sustained please contact Cardiology Northwest or your primary veterinarian. If the respiratory rate exceeds 40 breaths/minute and is sustained contact an emergency clinic.

There are also mobile phone/tablet applications available for free to help teach you the proper way to count and help you track your pet’s rate. One is titled “Cardalis” (made by Ceva) and is available on Apple products. Another is “Your Dogs Heart Resting Respiratory Rate” (made by Boehringer Ingelheim International) and is available both through Apple and Android.

Also monitor your pet for the following symptoms:
· Coughing
· Changes in breathing, difficulty breathing or shortness of breath
· Changes in behavior such as: lack of energy, tiring easily, lethargy, and activity intolerance
· Sudden difficulty walking
· Collapse or fainting
· Restlessness – especially at night
· Changes in appetite

Contact Cardiology Northwest if your pet exhibits any of these symptoms.

Counting the Resting Respiratory Rate