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In-Hospital Services for Breeders

Note: We request that you refrain from scheduling patients that have a heart murmur, arrhythmia, or diagnosed heart disease. We reserve the right to refuse services or charge full price ($675) for such patients.

Routine screening for congenital heart defects is an important part of every responsible breeding program. Dr. Wood strives to partner with local breeders in promoting the cardiac health and welfare of companion animals, offering screenings both in-clinic and at a variety of yearly off-site events. Heart screening exams are designed to rule out any current heart problems so that the animal may be bred or registered with the OFA. If your animal has a previously diagnosed irregularity, such as a heart murmur or abnormal rhythm, please schedule a full diagnostic exam.

Due to our current appointment volume, please allow 6-8 weeks when scheduling a heart screening examination!

Heart screening services include:

HCM screening (Exam + Echocardiogram)
– $375 for one cat or $350 per cat for multiple screenings during the same scheduled time

Canine heart screening (Exam only)
– $80 per dog

Canine echo screening (Exam + Echocardiogram)
– $475 for one dog or $450 per dog for multiple screenings during the same scheduled time

OFA applications will need to be completed at the time of your appointment. Read more about the OFA’s new protocol here. View the OFA Information Form.

Cancellation Policy

Our appointment schedule fills very quickly and appointment availability can be 6-8 weeks out on average. To ensure that we can best accommodate patients on our wait-list, we ask that all clients adhere to our cancellation policy.

Appointments must be modified a minimum of 48 hours (excluding weekends) prior to your appointment start time. We reserve the right to collect a security deposit, up to the value of an exam fee, in instances of multiple and/or short notice cancellations.