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Our Hospital Remains Open With Modified Operations To Keep You and Your Pets Safe.COVID-19 Updates


We’re Moving!

We have some exciting news at Cardiology Northwest—we’re moving! We will be relocating to a space within the Emergency Veterinary Clinic of Tualatin in October, and by October 2nd we… READ ARTICLE

Improving Quality of Life for Pets with Heart Disease: This Is EPIC.

When your pet is diagnosed with heart disease, you may wonder: “How much can be done to prolong a good quality of life? Do the medications that my veterinary cardiologist… READ ARTICLE

Heartworm: Worth an Ounce of Prevention

Back in July we had the pleasure of meeting Darcy, an adorable 2 year-old Collie. She was fresh off the plane from South Korea where her new owner, an Oregon-based… READ ARTICLE

Collaboration: Partners in Heart Health

“I’m Loving It”, “Just Do It”, “Have It Your Way”... The world is full of buzzwords. But when you get down to it, what do they really mean? When Cardiology… READ ARTICLE

Quality of Life Assessment: Is it “the right time?”

Throughout our pets’ lifetimes we give them everything-- our time, energy, attention, and sometimes even the food off our plates! Most importantly we give them all the love in our… READ ARTICLE

5 Myths About Heart Disease in Animals

Whether we learned it through health class, the media, or experiences in our own lives we generally have a good idea of what keeps our hearts healthy! We know that… READ ARTICLE

Diagnostic Toolbox: Echocardiogram

How often have you looked at your dog or cat and thought “If only I knew what was going on inside your head?” This inability to communicate is especially frustrating… READ ARTICLE

Calling All Big Hearts!

For over 30 years Cardiology Northwest has proudly partnered with local rescue and non-profit organizations such as Guide Dogs for the Blind, Cat Adoption Team (C.A.T.) and Lovers Not Fighters.… READ ARTICLE

Emergency 101: Where , When & Why

As a practicing board certified cardiologist, Dr. Wood wants all pet owners to understand one thing: sometimes despite your best efforts, your pet’s cardiac status will change suddenly. Recognizing the… READ ARTICLE

Tips & Tricks to Keep your Pet Cool

For many, summer means long and lazy afternoons in the sun. However, animals with heart disease frequently suffer from heat intolerance. Overheating can complicate respiratory problems, and cause progressive issues.… READ ARTICLE

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