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Volume 7

News You Can UseProBNP and BNP

In cardiology, the most useful biomarkers are Idexx proBNP and Antech BNP. Both test for cardiac stretch/stress, which correlates with severity of heart disease. There is even more value in serial tests, which can be done between costlier testing. Trending values are usually compared with other findings such as clinical signs, radiographs, and echocardiograms; although biomarkers do not replace these. Furthermore, clients understand laboratory results easier than radiographs or ultrasounds. However, be aware that renal dysfunction can falsely elevate these biomarkers. Minor changes in serial biomarkers mean little, but large changes suggest the need for specialized diagnostics and/or cardiac referral.

Did You Know?

…that Cardiology Northwest provides lots of educational resources? We’ve created handouts on cardiac conditions, common medications, and even detailed instructions for clients to monitor their pets at home! You can use them yourself, recommend them to your clients, or print and hand them out.

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