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Volume 4

News You Can UseEPIC Trial Results

Fresh from the 2016 ACVIM Forum! The 5+ year EPIC study showed that Pimobendan given to dogs with Stage B2 Mitral Valve Disease delays onset of Congestive Heart Failure an average of 15 months. Stage B2 dogs have a murmur and documented heart enlargement, but no other clinical signs. This is a big deal! However, consider two important caveats… 1) Is the expense of Pimobendan worth it? 2) How do we accurately assess heart enlargement? The first is up to your client. The second depends on whether accepted criteria (left atrial and ventricular enlargement) are met, as determined by echocardiogram. Contact our office to learn more about these incredible results!

Did You Know?

… the cost of cardiac medications can add up fast, even keeping clients from visiting our office (or yours!). Our first choice for prescription refills is your office. But if clients can’t afford that option we often recommend GoodRx.com. GoodRx searches local pharmacies for coupons and sales, allowing clients to save their money for important diagnostics and regular wellness exams. Contact us today for more information!

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