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Volume 2

News You Can UseSick Enough for Lasix, Sick Enough For Pimobendan

When ACE Inhibitors first entered veterinary medicine, many doctors hesitated to use them. My former associate, Mark Oyama, would say “If they’re sick enough for Lasix, they’re sick enough for Enacard.” Now ACE Inhibitors are standard in cardiac care and most doctors comfortably prescribe them. Years later, Pimobendan is following the same trend! Pimobendan is approved for mild, moderate and severe Congestive Heart Failure in dogs. In other words, “If they’re sick enough for Lasix, they’re sick enough for Pimobendan.” We treat most of our heart failure patients with “triple therapy,” (i.e. ACE inhibitor, Lasix, and Pimobendan). For information about dosing and side effects, contact us today!

Did You Know?

… that Cardiology Northwest provides lots of educational resources? We’ve created handouts on cardiac conditions, common medications, and even detailed instructions for clients to monitor their pets at home! Available through our website, www.heartvet.com, you can use them yourself, recommend them to your clients, or print and hand them out.