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Volume 19

News You Can UsePossible DCM from Kangaroo/Lentil Diets

While data so far is small and anecdotal, several cardiologists in the US have reported Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM) in dogs eating Kangaroo and Lentil based diets and possibly lentil/rice diets. This has been seen more in Cocker Spaniels, a breed known to be prone to taurine deficiency DCM. However, a variety of breeds are represented. Blood taurine levels have been low in some and not in others. Some dogs have made nearly complete recoveries when their diet was changed and taurine was supplemented, but some have not. We discourage vegan diets and others that may result in taurine deficiency. We have even seen some dogs develop DCM from Lamb and Rice diets. Contact us if you have questions about diet and heart disease.

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