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Volume 17

News You Can Use – Collaboration Works!

In a study published in the JAVMA July 1, 2016 pp72-76 it was shown that dogs with Congestive Heart Failure secondary to Degenerative Mitral Valve Disease live 74% longer when their treatment is managed collaboratively by their primary care veterinarian (pcDVM) and a board-certified cardiologist, rather than by the pcDVM alone. Furthermore, because those dogs lived longer, revenue for the pcDVM was greater than for the shorter-lived dogs. This is the first study that has documented the mutual benefits of a collaborative business model.

Did You Know?

… Cardiology Northwest has been practicing a collaborative approach to cardiac medicine for years! We keep general practitioners at the heart of patient care by recommending routine diagnostics, such as lab work and x-rays, be performed at your practice. Forwarded results are interpreted by our cardiologists to ensure an appropriate treatment plan. Your patient benefits from a specialist’s expertise with the convenience of visiting their trusted primary care veterinarian, YOU! Clients even receive reminders from us when it’s time to visit your office for heart-related diagnostics.

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