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Volume 10

News You Can UseKnowing the Breed is Half the Battle

In veterinary cardiology, knowing the breed of a pet with a cardiac abnormality can often give you the diagnosis. For example: if you see one premature ventricular contraction (PVC) on an ECG of a Doberman and you guess that the dog has Occult Dilated Cardiomyopathy, you will be right about 98% of the time. Diagnostics then become more important in management than diagnosis. In the case of the Doberman, echocardiograms and Holter monitoring are indispensable in prolonging quality of life. Can you guess the diagnosis?:

Did You Know?

Referring a patient to Cardiology Northwest is now even simpler than before? With our online referral form you can forward patient and client information, provide a brief medical history, and outline the current treatment plan. We’ll even contact the client to schedule an appointment! Your clients won’t have to remember to follow up on your referral, and you can rest easy knowing your heart patients will be seen in a timely manner.

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