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News You Can UseEnalapril and Benazepril

Recently, we have all experienced increases in medication costs, which impacts our clients’ ability to treat their pets. Enalapril is an example. Our solution? Benazepril is often much less expensive! These two drugs are essentially interchangeable. There are of course some differences. Benazepril is eliminated about 50% by hepatic metabolism and 50% by renal clearance, while Enalapril is nearly completely renally cleared. Maintain good communication with your client and monitor appropriately, but most patients will tolerate the change well. If your cost of Enalapril has increased or your clients are struggling to afford it, check out Benazepril.

Did You Know?

… once you refer to Cardiology Northwest you receive free cardiac consultation for the rest of that pet’s life? Visiting your office for tests we’ve recommended reduces cost and travel for clients, increases your revenue, and gives you our free expertise. We even send clients reminders to see you!

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